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Would you agree to work two shifts a day and get paid for one?

I bet not and the reason of not being paid is being one of the shift is your supposed duty to perform because of who you are as described by the society. Everybody has part to play in life no matter the position one is in that is whether man or woman, boy or girl, parent or child and many others.

For now I will focus on the modern woman whose life is clearly a double shift and gets paid for one. This is because a modern woman (her) has both a career life and a homemaking life which is a double shift unlike a man.

A homemaker is someone who is responsible for the well being of a place of residence.

   That said all homemaking duties are shouldered on the woman even though she has a career. The society does not bother with her career but emphasizes on her role as a home maker. Being a man only means that you work and provide for your family and it does not mean you being a homemaker. This is evident by her every day schedule as compared to him. Let’s do that comparison of both their daily routines.

A regular woman married woman must wake up ahead of everybody else to prepare everything for example breakfast. She has to prepare everything for the husband that is his shower, iron his clothes, brush his shoes and others. As for the man he just wakes up and finds everything ready he just showers, wears clothes, takes breakfast and leaves for work. 

   After the husband has left she prepares the children for school and even takes them to school herself.

   She comes back and has to do the house chore to leave the house clean and when she is done with house work; she prepares herself for her career work. She basically prepares for her second work shift.

   Her second shift goes on for some hours and when done she returns to her first shift back at home. Maybe she picks up the kids from school on her way home and gives them something to eat. She gets home and starts preparing dinner for the family before the husband gets home. As for the man he gets home from career work and finds his bath ready, dinner ready, eats, watches TV and just goes to bed.

   During her day she does two shifts while the man just works one shift being only his career work.

  One may argue that there are men who help out with house work. Yes, that’s true but remember he is helping out meaning the house work is originally hers.

   This calls for the modern woman to be celebrated because she plays a double part in the lives of the people living with her. This is because she does two jobs at the price of one since she goes unpaid for the homemaking work.

   The only way she can reduce her work is by employing another person to do her work which leads to extra expenses on the man and woman. Am not saying she should stop her duties but she should at least be appreciated in all her doings./ By Joyce Andeso , Journalist.

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